Randy Wilson Author Page

Advance Notice of My Upcoming Book

My book on “Equine Reiki, and Pet Reiki” is almost finished. It will get sent to an editor shortly.

The book launch will be late summer 2022 (hopefully). Stay tuned for news on its progress.

The cover has not been finalized yet, and neither has the book title.


About The Author

Randy Wilson currently lives in Ottawa, Canada. He worked in the IT industry for a Federal Government Agency for 35 years and is now retired.

He is a Reiki Master/Teacher. After obtaining his Master/Teacher level, he began treating horses and other animals. He treats people too of course; although his focus has been on horses and other animals lately. After many years of doing Equine Reiki sessions, he realized there was a need in his half of the province for someone to teach it. So he began teaching Equine Reiki classes.

Randy is also an Equine Assisted Learning Personal Development Coach.

He is also an Animal Communicator. While doing energy healing on horses, he discovered that he could hear what they were saying and have conversations with them. Animal Communication can create a bridge between species (human and animal) for their mutual benefit. Wouldn’t you love to know what your pet is thinking, or needs from you? Wouldn’t you like to know why it does certain things, and possibly convince (or help) it to change unwanted behaviours? His next book will be on Animal Communication.


About the Book

Equine Reiki, Energy Healing for Horses and House Pets is a complete guide to understanding Reiki and how to use it to treat animals.

Reiki Energy Healing is a wonderful alternative healing therapy for all living beings, (people and animals).

This book details the process of using Reiki to help your equine companions, your house pets and people too. While its main focus is on horses, the lessons apply to ALL animals. You will learn what Reiki is, what it can do, and how to get started. You will get very specific details on how to perform Reiki healing sessions for animals. It covers some safety issues when doing this in close proximity to large, powerful and majestic horses.

If you are new to the world of energy healing know that you can do this. If you have some experience with Reiki, or haven’t treated animals before, then this book may provide you with a new perspective on what you do.


How and Where to Get It

It can be ordered from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, or Ingram Spark