Equine Reiki class coming late summer 2019

I will be teaching another Equine Reiki class late summer of 2019.

You may need to start planning now (it requires Reiki 2 as a prerequisite *).
See the “classes” page for details.

This class didn’t run as I had no firm commitments for me to schedule a date with the stables.


Equine Reiki class this Sat (Sept.15, 2018)

I will be teaching the Equine Reiki class this Sat., Sept. 15, 2018 (requires Reiki 2 as a prerequisite *).
See the prerequisite details on the classes page.

There is still room to join, but you will have to contact me soon (it requires some preparation work to be done).

Dates for Reiki 2 & Equine Reiki classes

The Reiki 1 class is complete.

I will be teaching Reiki 2 on Sat. Aug. 18, 2018 in preparation for the
Equine Reiki class on Sat Sept. 15, 2018 (requires Reiki 2 as a prerequisite *).

If someone still needs their Reiki 1, and there is a request for one,  I will run another Reiki 1 class in the next month or so, (in time to meet the requirements for the Equine class in Sept.)

I will be teaching an Equine Reiki class (Aug/Sept 2018)

I will be teaching an Equine Reiki class this year (in August or September).

The prerequisite will be Reiki 2 AND at least several months of practice with your Reiki 1.

I will teach the Reiki 1 or 2 for anyone who needs it.

The class will be small.   Let me know if you want to reserve yourself a space.


Website is now fully secure

This website is now fully secured with a security certificate.

It now allows for safe entry of any information. The connection to Paypal to accept payments is also encrypted.

The green “picture of a closed lock” on the website address on your browser confirms this for you. It’s the same indicator that you see when you are signed into your banking site.

Ottawa Horse Day 2017

Here I am with my booth at the 2017 Ottawa Horse Day at Wesley Clover Parks.


I had a draw at the show for some free Reiki sessions for horses or house pets.

I have yet to be able to contact a couple people who won free sessions. I am either playing telephone tag, or have tried numerous email spellings, because the handwriting is hard to decipher and the email keeps “bouncing”. Ethical question: how many times am I obligated to try to contact people before I give up trying, (especially if their contact information isn’t complete or clear on the entry form)?

Randy Wilson (www.OttawaEquineReiki.com) at 2017 Ottawa Horse Day at Wesley Clover Parks