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Equine and Animal Reiki

Energy Healing for Horses and Family Pets

“Equine and Animal Reiki” is a definitive resource on how to do Reiki sessions for animals. It is also an entertaining account of my journey through many years of learning how to do this.

Reiki Energy Healing is a wonderful alternative holistic therapy for all living beings. If you are new to the world of energy healing know that anyone can learn to do it.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner and just haven’t worked on animals, this book will tell you how. It contains a wealth of practical and effective techniques, developed through years of hands-on experience healing animals. You will gain an understanding of how to treat any animal, how they react to Reiki energy, and how it can help them. While it sounds like its main focus is on horses, its entire content applies to all animals.

Equine and Animal Reiki” will:
– Introduce you to Reiki and tell you how to learn it
– Provide clear guidelines for healing animals
– Give you an understanding of horses
– Discuss safety issues around horses and other animals
– Provide detailed step by step instructions for doing sessions
– Give you a wealth of examples of Reiki sessions
– Touch on other related topics, like Animal Communication

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