Payment For Equine Session

Payment for Equine Reiki Session (or any other animal)

$80, for an Equine Reiki session, or any other animal.

This fee includes a one-hour round-trip of travel time, in addition to the actual session time.
A typical session will last 45-60 minutes.

$120, for a single horse’s first two equine sessions, (first session is half price, $40).

— — —

$40, travel fee will apply, IF it is more than a one-hour round-trip from my home (near the Ottawa airport).

— — —

$40, for a long-distance session.

Reiki sessions can be done from a distance, and are just as effective as a hands-on session.

— — —

These fees are subject to change.


To book a session

To book a session, just send me an email from my CONTACT page, and include the name of your horse in the comments section.

You can make payment with cash,
or by etransfer to email address:
or through Paypal here:
You can pay with a credit card securely through the Paypal app without having a Paypal account.

Payment, through Paypal, (for Equine Session, or ANY other animal)

Enter the details and click "Make Payment"



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