Reiki Services

Reiki for People ($80/hr)

Reiki for Animals, (Family Pets) ($80/hr)

Reiki for Horses, Equine Reiki ($80/hr *)

If you are looking for alternative medicine, complementary therapy, holistic health treatment options for your horses, you might want to consider Equine Reiki treatments. Horses also become stressed or traumatized, upset, ill, or injured, and can benefit from Reiki as much as people can.

It can assist with relaxation, stress reduction, tight muscles or restricted movement, pain relief, lowering blood pressure, lymphatic flow and detoxification, quicker recovery after competition, and can support healing of emotional issues and trauma.

* Note an additional $20 travel fee will apply for in-person Equine (Horse) sessions,
if the stable is more than a “1 hour” return trip from my home (near the Ottawa airport).

Equine Sessions typically last between 45-60 minutes. The horse will decide when the session is over.

A 50% discount will apply for the first session when you schedule two for the same horse.

$60 for any second horse, at the same stable (if I am already there) & no travel fee will apply.

Long Distance Sessions

All long distance sessions are $40/hr (people, pets, horses)


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