What is Reiki?

Reiki Is:

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a system of energy healing. It uses universal life force energy, that exists everywhere, and runs through all living things. It has been known through history by different names (chi, qi, ki, ti, prana, universal life force, biofield). This energy is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. The recipient’s body then absorbs the energy (which it can use to promote relaxation and healing).

If the natural energy flow through the body is weakened or blocked it can manifest itself in stress and other physical symptoms. Reiki can increase and balance these energies, and has been known to help with many illnesses such as stress, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and physical conditions. Reiki also promotes emotional healing, helping people release the emotional toll taken by feelings such as anger, fear, worry, sadness, guilt, etc. It helps replace them with a more calm and tranquil emotional state.

It requires no special skills or beliefs to learn, anyone can do it. It can be used for self-care as well as for treating others. You can give yourself a Reiki treatment.

It is NOT a religion. It is not in conflict with any other religion or belief system. It is merely a system for relaxation, stress relief, and healing. It is not an alternative to professional medical care or treatment, for serious illnesses.

Reiki can be used on anyone or anything, including people, animals, food, plants, water, etc.

It is”Totally Safe”, it can do no harm to anyone.

It is “Intelligent”, it will only go where it is needed in your body.

It is “Completely Natural”, the Reiki practitioner channels the Reiki energy through his hands. No other tools are used.

It is “Very Gentle”, the practitioner places his hands gently on the body or just above it. There is no massage or physical manipulation of the body.


The different levels of Reiki

First degree requires no prior knowledge, experience, ability, or belief system.
Each of the subsequent levels requires the previous level as a prerequisite.

The ability to channel Reiki energy can only be passed on by a Reiki Master (through an attunement to that level).

First Degree

The first degree opens the energy channel and connects the student’s energy system to that of the Reiki (“universal life force”) energy. After this the student will be able to channel Reiki energy for himself or others. The attunement creates a permanent connection to the energy (only one attunement is necessary for each degree).