Shamanic Healing

What services I can provide:

Through Shamanic journeying I can:

  • Help answer any questions about your life that you would like some clarity on
  • Remove any energy blockages
  • Help you to identify your desired future, and suggest strategies for how to achieve it
  • Identify and connect you to your spirit helpers and guides, and your Power Animals
  • Balance your Chakras (There are numerous ways to do that, I might use a different modality (like Reiki) to do it).

I will be offering more services at a later date.


What is Shamanism?

Shamans have been around for tens of thousands of years all over the world. They are the original Medicine Men, spiritual healers and teachers.  Shamanic Healing techniques come from the wisdom and practices of the ancient Shamans. They use ceremonies that help to heal all parts of your existence (body, mind and spirit).

A shaman’s understanding of the world is that all things have a spirit and are alive and interconnected. It is a way to achieve a soul connection to all living things. It helps us to understand our place in the world, discover our life purpose, get clarity on troubling life events or questions, heal ourselves physically and spiritually, heal past wounds, or connect with our spirit helpers and teachers.

They can help identify the core of your issue, the center of your wounds regardless of their cause.  Then can help you to modify the beliefs that hold you back from being your best self, so that you can realize your true potential.

Practicing Shamanism allows us to help others with this as well.

Are you searching for a more balanced and healthy life (personal, relationships, financial)? A healing journey can help you with all of it, if you have the intention and willingness to address whatever isn’t working on your life.


Shamanic Healing can help to:

  • Remove energy blockages
  • Turn an issue into a teaching opportunity
  • Balance your chakras
  • Dream your future into being
  • Retrieve lost soul parts
  • Connect you with your power animal
  • Connect you with your Spirit Guide
  • Heal past life issues
  • Read your Akashic Records
  • Upgrade and heal your DNA
  • Balance or remove heavy emotions
  • Shift you into a healed state of being and a healthier lifestyle
  • Help you create your desired future


Shamanic Journeying is the ability to enter into the Sacred Divine, or non-ordinary reality, via a Shamanic trance state for the intents and purposes of obtaining information and healing (for themselves or others).

Shamanic Journeying can be used to help:

  • Seek answers, and gain insight and wisdom about your life.
  • Learn what you came into this life to do (find your soul purpose and destiny for this life).
  • Meet and converse with your guides, such as Animal Totems, Spirit Guide, and Higher Self.
  • Journey to meet different versions of yourself, (from alternate realities).
  • Visit Enlightened Masters, Angels and other healing spirits and helpers.
  • Meet an Ancestor to resolve or heal past issues.
  • Consult your Akashic Records.
  • Identify and heal core issues.
  • Get parts of yourself back you feel that you lost.
  • Help to identify and heal self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Retrieve some of your lost personal power.