Attended Valley Vet Clinic, Equine Education Night.

Mar. 29, 2017. I just attended the Equine Education Night, in Carleton Place, hosted by Valley Veterinary Clinic.
The topic was “Equine Emergency Care & Wound Management”.
The speaker was Dr. Doug Meyers DVM, from Alberta.
It was a wonderful supplement to my Basic Equine First Aid course, and for the advanced one that I will be taking in May.

I am still open to finding a horse rescue / sanctuary

Horse rescue or horse sanctuary?

I am still open to finding a horse rescue farm, or a horse sanctuary near Ottawa who would welcome me as a volunteer.  I have been unsuccessful in finding one so far.  I would be happy to offer my unique talents to their horses.  Many horses have been traumatized, abused, neglected, or discarded.  Many of them could benefit from Reiki sessions, or just a little extra TLC.